Covid-19 Policy

“Health is the greatest gift.” Buddha

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In the world we are now living in, I take seriously the precautions
and advisements for protecting our health and safety.

1918 Citizens wearing masks against the flu

1918 Citizens wearing masks against the flu

While these folks were trying to do the right thing by wearing masks, they weren't practicing physical distancing.

Please take a moment to read:

The current and evolving

Standing Orders and Guidelines

in place from the

City of Los Angeles.

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Worker Protection Order
Issue Date: April 7, 2020 (Revised May 7, 2020)
Public Order Under City of Los Angeles Emergency

My Commitment To Our Health When I Work For You

As outlined in paragraph (1.) article (i) I will abide by wearing a protective face mask whenever I am on a job site, your home or business, and in the presence of people.

As outlined in paragraph (2.) and it's following provisions, I will maintain cleanliness standards and practices for hand washing and sanitizing, as well as maintaining work area cleanliness and surface and contact area sanitizing, in order to minimize or eliminate opportunities for transmission.

Further, in accordance with health and safety guidelines, I will impliment physical distancing protocols at all times, in an effort to protect every customer and myself.

In addition I respectfully ask that customers also abide by the same guidelines, and wear a mask and maintain physical distancing protocols whenever I enter their property, business or residence to consult or work on, any project.

1918 San Francisco newspapertouting the benifits of protective masks