January 1st, 2021

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Fresh Starts and New Beginnings.

Leaving the past behind, while taking from it only memories and what we have learned.

Of people we’ve lost, who have touched and influenced us, may they not be forgotten. They have helped make a future that we, and not they, shall see and inhabit.

Of things that were, and are no more, let us learn to care for what we have and cannot get back, once they are gone forever.

Of dreams both large and small, let us learn to appreciate what we have, before seeking more. Let us dream of a reality, where all who have even the most humble dreams, can see them come alive.

Let us remember that today, is everyday, as we give ourselves permission to believe that anything is possible. Let us see each other, comfort and support each other, as we are one, and we would not, and will not, be here without each other.

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