Thank You First Responders

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At the beginning of this year, 2020, I dare say that few, if any of us, would have had any idea of all the life changing events to come, and that have occurred as of now, late September. More to the point, few of us could have imagined how important our First Responders would be to each of us personally. If not directly, as a result of any of the life changing events we have been living through, then by only a few degrees of separation from calamity.

Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, medical aids and support staff, battling the worst global pandemic in a century. Under equipped, over exposed, and unprepared, with all the medical knowledge in the world, still facing the completely unknown. Yet, they’re showing up every day to seek answers and care for the sick and dying. All too often, sacrificing their own health and lives to save us.

Firefighters and ground crews from all walks of life, aircraft and helicopter pilots, fighting unprecedented, never before seen blazes of such enormity, spanning entire states, that the smoke turns mid day light to an orange purple darkness, spreading acrid air around the globe. They run to, not away from the destruction, to try to stop it before it reaches you and I. They risk, and sometimes give their lives, to protect our property, our towns, our cities, and, our lives.

People that do not come to mind as readily, but we depend on just as much in times like these, are journalists and reporters. When we need to know what is happening, they are likely among the first we turn to. They are so often on the scene, in the thick of it, bringing us the information that we need, in order to make the choices that may keep us out of harm’s way or keep us alive. Around the world and here in the U.S. many more than we know die in the line of duty somehow, in order to keep us informed.

There are obviously, so many more people in other jobs, that are no less selfless, dedicated, fearless and heroic. We can only wonder what life would be like without them. We do know, that because of them, all of our lives are better. There are not enough ways that we can thank them, however saying Thank You, in whatever way, whenever we can, is a start.

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